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Solo Driving School offers lessons in various formats to suit our students’ needs and skills.

Manual & Automatic lessons

You are in safe hands - all our auto and manual cars are modern and dual controlled.

no hopping prices

We love what we do! That makes it easy for us to keep our prices as affordable as possible and get you driving safely - sooner.

Proud Local service 

We are proud supporters of this community and all who live here. We see our business as an honor and a privlege to serve.

affordable & fair pricing with
our driving school

Choose a package that suits you or grab a single lesson and our team will help you build a custom plan on your first lesson.


  • 1 Driving Lesson
  • Free pick up and drop off
  • Auto or Manual


  • 5 Driving Lessons
  • Personal advice from instructor
  • Free pick up and drop off


  • 5 Driving Lessons
  • Perrsonal Advice from Instructor
  • Private Car
Anderson Driver Training

what makes our school special?

Andersen Driver Training has been providing Mt. Isa and all of Queensland driver training services for over 12 years! We are well known for not only offering exceptional training to our students today, but some time ago - also training their parents! We are proud to provide legacy learning to our community, and are honored to continue service.  

Our theory of education stems from the individual student. No two students are the same, and no two students need the same training style. For those who are nervous behind the wheel, just beginning, foreigners, or dreamers alike will receive the same dedication to a custom driving lesson plan. 

Feel more comfortable in your own car? Great! Grab a BYO lesson and let's get going.

What our students say
about us

frequently asked questions

Absolutely not. You would have to be crazy to think anyone can learn anything useful while being yelled at. We are friendly people who love what we do, and respect our students deeply.

Yes, of course. It's our goal to help ensure you can pass the test - so from the first time we meet you to the day you get your licence (or feel comfortable behind the wheel) we are dedicated to helping you get your P plate!

Ole has been in the driving lesson/test world for over 12 years and has helped hundreds (if not thousands) of tremendous students get their licence.

Sign up for a lesson, and we will find out togher. Every student is different, and so the training method has to change also. Some people are visual learners - they learn by watching. Others need the hands on experience. Some are nervous. Some are confident - it's up to me to find out what you excell at, as well as where you could use some improvement - and then bring the best out in you.

Yes! We are a local company - and we adore Mount Isa - the people here are second to none, and they're right - once you experience what The Isa has to offer - you're a true Aussie.

I don't just believe - I know - anyone can learn to drive that has the will to do so. So, if you'd like to learn to drive, your age, creed, color, origin, and toothpaste flavor are of no relavance when you get behind the wheel with us!

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